White Wines

Blushin' Madison

This is a blush wine with a semi-sweet taste.

White Sangria

This is a great wine to serve at parties. Add some ginger ale and fruit slices and you have an instant favorite. Great for warm weather parties.


This very pleasant enjoyable white wine is lightly sweet with obvious grape flavor. This wine goes well with fruits and desserts.

Jersey White

A semi-dry, well-balanced wine with a hint of peach. Jersey White is an enjoyable drinking wine that goes great with poultry and seafood.


A sweet-spicy white wine with a floral aroma, a child of Gewurztraminer (German for spice). This wine is produced from a new American variety of grape that is a cross between gavertz and sevval. This delicious wine is a perfect complement to seafood, poultry, pork, fresh fruits and desserts.


Semi-dry white wine, light crisp refreshing taste, can be served chilled or room temperature. Serve with seafood, game dishes and cheeses.


This wine boasts an impressive range of flavors from the expected buttered, oak overtones to the fresh, fruit flavors of apple, pear, citrus and melon, leaving a lasting palate impression. This wine will pair well with poultry dishes, pork, seafood or recipes that have a heavy cream base.

Vidal Blanc

Description coming soon! Check back!


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